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Upper Peninsula Facts

The UP covers 16,452 Square Miles or roughly 1/3 of Michigan.

The UP is 334 miles in length and 215 miles in width from North to South.

The population of the UP is 331,000.

The UP has 2500 miles of snowmobile trails.

Isle Royal is the least visited of all the National Parks.

The Upper Peninsula is home to approximately 700 Wolves.

There are an estimated 433 Moose in the western UP.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Living and vacationing in the Upper PeninsulaLearn more about the St. Marys River at 12th Environmental Summit. Read more ... » of MichiganLearn more about the St. Marys River at 12th Environmental Summit. Read more ... » can be quite the adventure!  The Upper Peninsula offers ever changing landscapes, diverse cultures, and adventure around every corner. Whether you live in the U.P. or just visiting there is always something to explore.

When you travel through the Upper Peninsula you quickly realize that life has a different pace here. There is no hustle and bustle like you find in the big cities. That’s probably why folks like to visit. We’re a relaxed bunch upOpening Day on the East Branch of the Escanaba River. Read more ... » here. We don’t mind that it’s a thirty mile ride to the grocery store or a two hour ride to the eye doctor’s office. Yoopers just enjoy the ride. That or we pack a fishingMichigan advocates want statewide vote on wolf hunting. Read more ... » pole and get “lost” along the way. That’s part of the charm of living in the UP.

Miner's Castle

Miner’s Castle

Here are some suggestions for those who are new to the Upper Peninsula. If you’re coming in the spring through fall, bring both warm and cool weather clothing. The weather and temperatures up here can turn on a dime so it’s best to be prepared. Also pack bug dope you’ll need. If you’re driving long distances, be aware that the rest rooms can be few and far between. If you’re here in the winter months, pack warm clothing you’ll need it. Also pack a blanket, food, and other survival necessities just in case you get stuck. Be prepared to loose cell phone service. Note that there are some areas that don’t have cell reception. Bring a camera. If you don’t, you’ll wish you had. There are many beautiful sights in the Upper Peninsula and you’ll want to capture them all.

Now did you notice I didn’t mention the summer? That’s because it’s barely worth mentioning. We don’t have air conditioning up here for a reason! The little summer we have is beautiful and refreshing. The days are typically mild and nights are cool. In my opinion it’s perfect sleeping weather.

About our site.

There is much information available about the UP, but often it’s skewed to the fanciful. Yes the Upper Peninsula is a place filled with lakes and stream, woodlands and grasslands, abundant wildlifeState forest plan OK’d by senate - DailyPress.net | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information. Read more ... » and beautiful sunsets, but it also filled with giant Mosquitoes! We attempt to give you an accurate view of the Upper Peninsula and you should expect nothing less!

This is a living site so be prepared for change. We believe that the UP is ever changing and so should our site be. If there is a bit of information that you can’t find or information that you would like to contribute just let us know. We are always looking for input.


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Hiking the Anderson Lake Pathway

Hiking the Anderson Lake Pathway

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